Brand Ambassador Program

Le K Body Essentials Brand Ambassador Program

Have you ever thought about sharing the love of natural products, skincare, and all-natural quality products online?  

Becoming a Le K Body Essentials Brand Ambassador has many benefits.

Le K Body Essentials loves to support those who genuinely share our love for natural skincare products and their benefits through our Brand Ambassador Program.

We believe in sharing skincare, smelling good, and scenting up your space while earning is a bonus.  All are welcome to join our team; the minimum age is 18 years.

Brand Ambassador Benefits Include:

Free Products: The Brand Ambassadors will receive a free product package containing our bestselling skincare or candle products

Discount: Brand Ambassadors will receive a discount when they purchase our products.

Early Access to New Products: Brand Ambassadors will have access to free exclusive products.

Personalize Code: Brand Ambassadors will receive a personalized Brand Ambassador Code to share with their followers, friends, and family for 15% off our products. 

Commission: Brand Ambassadors will receive a commission on all orders placed using their personalized Brand Ambassador Code. 

What do we ask of our Brand Ambassadors?

We ask our Brand Ambassadors to commit to a 3-month contract where they:

  • Participate in our Brand Ambassador training – learn about our brand
  • Include our brand name in your About section /bio
Social Media Pages can not be Private
  • Post video or picture testimonials to their social media pages within two weeks of receiving their free Le K Body Essentials Product Package
  • Create content featuring our products or repost our content at least twice a week
  • This can include sharing our content, posts, videos, stories, IGTV, and reels they’ve created featuring our products
  • Promote their personalized discount code with their followers at least once a week, which can be in your posts, videos, stories, IGTV, and reels.
  • Regularly engage with us on social media (like, comment, and share posts, reels, IGTV, and stories of interest to your followers)

You can sign up here: